Carpet Repairs

Carpet Repairs

Do you have a carpet that has patches, spot damages, or frayed edges? Do not hide the carpet behind the furniture. You need not think about a new, expensive carpet! Let Quality Care Cleaning and Restoration, the premier, Fayetteville, GA carpet repair company use proven techniques to make your mats look as good as new. We are a family-owned and operated business whose business philosophy is “Excellent Customer Service.”

Our motivation to offer excellent carpet care services arises from the desire to see GA residents live in hygienic houses always. When your floor or wall rugs accumulate dust, pollutants, allergens or suffer mold growth because of water damage, we will use our skills to restore the damaged and worn-out mats.

Our skilled carpet care and maintenance staff will not only clean the pet stains or.. but also repair the burned and worn out carpet fibers. Our expertise in carpet technology saves you money and the time or energy you could spend shopping for a carpet replacement.

Fayetteville, GA, Professional Carpet Technicians

Quality Care Cleaning and Restoration experienced, and professional carpet technicians provide unrivaled carpet repair services. Using superior and safe care and maintenance equipment, we guarantee high-quality carpet stretching, patches repairs, color restoration, stain removal, and fiber inserts.

Quality Care Cleaning offers to the Fayetteville, GA, residents 25-years of experience in carpet cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. Our certified technicians specialize in tough nylon, polypropylene, and olefin fibers carpets.